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Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is cotton that is produced and certified to organic agricultural standards. Its production sustains the health of soils, ecosystems and people by using natural processes rather than artificial inputs. More importantly, organic cotton farming does not allow the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilisers, which allows production with a very low impact on the environment.

Organic cotton is 80% rain fed, which relieves pressure on local water sources. And as no harmful or toxic chemicals are used the water is safer and cleaner.

Lets make a change. Lets make better life choices. Approximately 26 million metric tonnes of cotton is produced globally each year, most of it for the apparel industry. Would you believe that Organic cotton makes up less than 1% of that number? By choosing organic over conventional cotton you have the purchasing power to influence brands, manufacturers and even farmers. Together, we can change these numbers.

When you buy organic cotton products, you are investing in water conservation, cleaner air and better soil conditions. The price for organic cotton can sometimes be higher. To make any kind of impact we need to be committed to sometimes spending a little more.