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Culture is what makes you you. A true expression of your unique way of thinking, your self perception, your sophisticated attitude. It is the way you dress. The way you wear your favourite styles. Culture is the mirror of your taste, your lifestyle, your fascination with the world.
A Danish fashion brand with Scandinavian notes and an international mindset. A new and creative approach to craftmanship and fashion. A rhapsody of unique femininity, effortless coolness and understated details. A brand founded on a true design-oriented DNA, carefully unfolded in beautiful materials and elegantly summed up with the sentence "This is my Culture".

Yes its true, I have a lot going on. And i'm loving it; mixing my everyday life, my family, active lifestyle, my career, going out with my friends, partying and having fun in one big chaotic adventure.
One moment i'm calm and focused, the next i'm out the door. Its all about making the right choices in a busy schedule. About being conscious of time, price and quality. About what inspires me and how best to achieve my goals.
I know what I want.
You can call me a busy, demanding woman.
- and i'm proud of it!
At PIECES, we are dedicated to helping independent young women create and complete their look with perfect essential basics, and we work hard every day to adapt to and create new fashion trends, making hero products as we move forward.  
Products that every girl must have in her wardrobe. 
At PIECES, we value our modern simplicity and celebrate our Scandinavian legacy with collections that are contemporary, simple and easy to wear. 
In a world where choices are ample, we wish to inspire our customers and make shopping instant, easy and fun.